Free Undercover Parking

At our hotel, we have a large amount of free parking available that no other Newcastle hotel can offer. There is under cover parking and front parking at the Hotel as well as a 5 storey car park at Wests for all hotel guests to use FREE. We do not guarantee all parking to be available at the Hotel, should the car park be full then we suggest that you utilise the 5 storey car park which is FREE as well.

There are height restrictions for entering the Hotel car park, on entry at 2.1m and for centre car spaces, car spaces against walls are from 1.95m - 2m maximum height. If you are driving work vans, high vehicles or four wheel drives, we suggest you park in the front car park open area. We trust that you know the height of your vehicle before entering

We ask that Hotel guests only park one car in the Hotel car park per room and move all other cars to the 5 storey car park. All parking is at the owner's responsibility.